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Revolutionising the service: train at home with UK operators

Mywellness is a cloud-based platform that has a variety of different functions available, which can be configured to the requirements of the business. Highly personalised, quick to activate and adaptable to compliment the club’s business model.

Operators can offer training and coaching programmes to their customers remotely to maintain engagement and connection outside the facility.

Pivoting towards Digital

Mywellness can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the member experience. Freedom Leisure, new to Mywellness, saw how quickly digital can be activated as well as the positive impact and response it had from members.

We knew we had to act fast, the timeline between the initial discussion to the launch of Mywellness was 48 hours which proves what can be achieved when everyone has an aligned goal and focus.” Comments Barry Thomson, Regional Commercial Manager.

Not previously using Mywellnessthe uptake was immense, in one week over 4,225 Mywellness accounts were created, demonstrating how quickly clubs can launch new services with the support of Mywellness.

“Mywellness is an important part of our overall retention plan and will support our members in maintaining a healthy body & mind. Naturally, we will continue developing as customer feedback is received and additional services added.”

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Enhancing the Offering

Many facilities already using Mywellness saw an opportunity to launch something new to members to tailor the way Mywellness works for them.

CitySpace – The University of Sunderland, saw Train at Home as an opportunity for an exciting new direction to use the trainers’ knowledge to create a variety of home workouts for students and members.

Train at Home and the Mywellness software has been an excellent resource, it has allowed our fitness team to continue working remotely and remain in contact with our current members, while also reaching out to new ones.” Says Kevin Ludlow, Facilities Manager.

We have been able to create content with innovative home workout ideas, as well as encourage direct communication between members and fitness professionals to prescribe personalised programmes based on each member’s goals, and the fitness equipment they have available at home.”

Personalising the Service

To maintain on track to achieving fitness goals, regular member trainer contact is crucial. Using mywellness offers the ability to communicate with the member to provide motivation and continue to tailor the training programme.

For private gym PLM connecting to members outside the facility is important, so using the Coach and Prescribe features of Mywellness, trainers provide individual training programmes and have regular contact with the member for feedback.

We saw the need and the opportunity to connect and personalise the service to members outside the club. Utilising Mywellness we continue to provide tailored guidance for our 1-2-1 clients, a variety of home workout options for all our members and more importantly, the opportunity communicate to new members.” Comments Phil Moss, Managing Director.

“We can offer a professional online service to cater not only for members but for the whole community. Mywellness could not have been any easier to personalise and match to our business. Thanks to Mywellness we are more connected than ever to all of our customer base.”

Building a Community

As well as programmes, content and coaching, clubs have also created an environment where members can compete on challenges using Mywellness which creates a community of motivated and engaged members.

Freedom Leisure sees this as an opportunity to create challenges across all 104 sites connecting people digitally whilst at home. Members are kept on their toes with creative challenges such as Daily 1000 MOVEs, Freedom 5000, and the Highest amount of MOVEs in a week.

Community is important with keeping members engaged, maintaining activity whilst at home and not losing the training habit. CitySpace – The University of Sunderland saw this could be achieved using the power of social media to expand their reach in promoting challenges and home workouts.

Many Operators have revolutionised their service with Mywellness as a new way of engaging, connecting and coaching members using the Train at Home solution taking the customer experience to a whole new level.

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