The luxury to train in the privacy of your hotel room

Bohgym launches its in room training solution that combines design and digital services to offer guests a complete and engaging in room training experience in combination with the hotel wellness center services and expertise

People are more and more looking for the possibility to train regularly. They train at home, at their fitness center, outdoor with the support of specific apps and wearable devices, and of course when they travel both for business or leisure, they look for hotels able to give and answer to their growing attention for fitness and wellness.
That’s why Bohgym offers hotels a total wellness solution made up of technology, design, products, services, contents and applications for involving guests in an all-round wellness experience. A complete solution that goes beyond the equipment at the hotel gym but accompanies the whole “guest journey”.

Alongside the hotel wellness center – which represents the point of reference for fitness and wellness services and expertise – luxury and upscale facilities can ensure guests’ right level of security and comfort choosing among different solutions powered by Bohgym: from a gym to a Wellness Suite, to the Wellness à La Carte services, until a real Wellness Menu.

Wellness Suite is the most comprehensive solution to create the most exclusive private gym, offering top guests an unforgettable and safe stay at your facility. Suites can be equipped with:

Bohgym BIKE – Hotels, fitness centres, spas all over the world are now able to offer, within their facilities, Bohgym Bike’s revolutionary training experience thanks to indoor cycling classes run by trainers from different cities around the world. Music, lights and trainers from all over the world lead engaging indoor cycling classes available anytime, round the clock, directly from the console of the bike. Users can choose their favourite classes from the comprehensive on-demand library based on their favourite trainer, type of workout, language (today available in English, Italian, Spanish and French), duration (30, 40 o 50 minutes) and music. Bohgym Bike is not just group cycling, but offers also total body workout experiences, thanks to the integrated handlebars and dedicated video contents.Bohgym CASE – A full solution featuring a smart range of tools, functionally packed in a high end design bag and completed by a library of training video contents, for a seamless guest experience. The tools inside the Bohgym Case were designed to help guests recover and feel good after a long travel, with the QR Code on the tag attached guests can also enjoy a guided workout with a brand new virtual trainer on their phone or mirroring it in the room TV for a better experience.
Bohgym Case includes:

FOAM ROLLER AND MASSAGE BALL – perfect tool to help restore proper circulation to muscles as well as decrease the muscular stiffness associated with travel, as well as after a workout;
EXERCISE MAT – 100% sustainable and made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested, natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents, the mat is perfect to perform a multitude of floor based exercises;
LOOP BANDS – perfect for lower-body exercises for the traveler who has a short period of time to get in their workout;
POWER BANDS – in three levels of resistance and allow the guest to complete upper body exercises or total body resisted exercises such as squats to press.
SKILLBIKE – Bohgym’s revolutionary stationary bike with a unique design, designed for cyclists and fitness enthusiast to maximize the effectiveness of indoor training.
But it is no longer enough to insert a fitness equipments in a corner to be able to say “wellness-proof”. Wellness à la Carte is a further step in this direction because it offers the customer the opportunity to choose the preferred mode of training and order them in their room. With the solutions offered by Bohgym you can transform your guests’ stay into a rewarding wellness experience on request. Furthermore, with the Wellness Menu, guests can choose among several options, ranging from selected smart equipment easy to be transported into the room to multimedia tools which will fulfil a variety of requirements and respond to guests’ numerous aspirations. To meet all needs and ensure the loyalty of guests who prefer to train in the privacy of their room, you can turn their stay into an engaging experience through customized training programs.

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