The pleasure of movement
The compact treadmill that connects to your tablet to offer digital training and coaching. BE STRONG NEVER GIVE UP
25 exercises
In Just 1.5 sqm.
Enjoy strength training with the complete multigym that feels like no other. You can also find, gym equipment for sale, used gym equipment for sale, home gym equipment for sale

Cardio and power

For the Whole Body.

Reap maximum benefits from the most advanced indoor rower ever.

With style.
Guided training meets connectivity, entertainment, and timeless shapes.
Power up
Your Workouts.
Get more variety than ever with our accessories, from warmup to cooldown. Increase your body’s capacities every day, from stability to mobility, from power to speed.


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Our Products

Wellness Ball Active Sitting

Keep active even while sitting

Wellness Pad

A must-have for stretching and core exercises, lightweight and portable

Foam Roller

Relieve stress from your muscles

Set Loop Band Resistance

Improve your strength and flexibility


More equipment



AB Crunch Bench is a sleek designed, durable bench for users of all fitness levels to perform effective crunch exercises whilst avoiding back and neck stress.


This convenient accessory is designed to fit the Storage Universal system and hold up to 12 Jump Ropes.


Add this accessory to the Storage Universal system to hold up to 8 Mobility Sticks


Adjustable Bench is a sleek designed reclining bench with 8 backrest and 3 seat angle settings that lets you perform various exercises, with or without weights and dumbbells. Suitable for use with Olympic Half Rack and Power Rack. Easy to move with integrated wheels and handle.


Adjustable bench is a sleek designed, multi-functional bench for specific training with barbells, dumbbells and small accessories as well as for bodyweight exercises.


The Angled Fitness Bar, also known as E-Z bar or curl bar, provides a more neutral and less supinated position of the wrists, useful for many exercises.


The professional angled bar provides a more neutral and less supinated position of the wrists, useful for many exercises, and adds a medium knurling for more grip during heavy lifts.

Artis Bike

Experience the sensations of riding a real road bike. Add the guidance and entertainment of the digital console. Let its sleek, essential design shine in your wellness area. Artis® Bike elevates your cardio experience.
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Bohgym, fitness and home workout gym equipment.

Bohgym is known all over the world as “The Wellness Company” – It is a company that has helped to develop the hedonistic concept of “fitness” into a true lifestyle: Wellness. Living the “Wellness” lifestyle means regular physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mental attitude.
Bohgym’s mission is to help people live better, and the company achieves this by providing gym equipment for sale, used gym equipment for sale, home gym equipment for sale, used commercial gym equipment, used commercial fitness equipment, used commercial gym equipment for sale, fitness equipment for sale, used fitness equipment for sale

They provide the best possible gym equipment, services, content and programmes, all of which use technology to connect to one another so that users can experience Wellness no matter where they are: this is the Wellness Connected Experience. Indeed, everyone can find their own content and training programmes on any Bohgym equipment and on any personal device.
Thanks to the modularity of the solutions that Bohgym offers, Wellness professionals can enable their customers to enjoy the same Wellness Connected Experience anywhere: gyms, hotels, medical practices, schools. In order to achieve this, Bohgym provides operators with all the tools they require: from financial services to interior design guidance, and from after sales assistance to marketing support.

Furthermore, both operators and private individuals can enjoy access to the world’s most complete range of gym equipment, for cardio trainingstrength trainingfunctional training and group activities. The quality of Bohgym products is also a direct result of the decades of experience gained as the official supplier to six Olympic and Paralympic Games. Anyone choosing Bohgym products can rest assured that they are training on equipment of the very highest level, just like a professional athlete. Thanks to the extensive range of products and solutions available, Bohgym is able to help people achieve their sporting and wellbeing goals. Weight loss, strength training, or stretching exercises for the back: with Bohgym products, users can achieve all of this, and much more. Products conceived and designed for all types of user: from beginners to professionals. With MYCYCLING and SKILLROW, for example, users can hone their cycling and rowing fitness and skills. If the goal is to lose weight, or simply to stay fit, Bohgym treadmills, such as the MYRUN, provide the perfect solution. Meanwhile, the PURE range of products has been designed and conceived for those who want to train and improve their strength, and reach their maximum athletic potential.

For those who prefer to train whilst taking part in engaging, sociable activities, Bohgym has developed a number of specific formats such as Group Cycle and SKILLROW Class. Finally, the quality, ease of use and safety that distinguish Bohgym equipment enable these solutions to provide valuable support in the rehabilitation and medical fields too.
Bohgym’s goal is to make Wellness accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of age.
Bohgym is a leading company in the following products: cable station gymexercise bikesfitness accessoriesgym benchesgym stretching equipmentsprofessional rowersselectorised machinesstair climberstreadmillsand much more…

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Gym equipment for sale by BOHGYM

If you are wandering which store is unique and best for your dream gym products? BOHGYM is the only right answer for you. We have an amazing variety of used gym equipment for sale. We make sure that our all products are fit and ready to use. BOHGYM exactly know what you are looking for. That’s why we have arranged all the amazing variety in used and new stocks. We are offering you the amazing opportunity to buy the products for you. As you are fitness lover so you would be definitely tempted towards the amazing offers we have for you. Body building makes you look more muscular, if you want to fulfil your dream, you can buy fitness equipment for sale from our store. Now you can make your workout time amazing by having our comfortable and safe equipment. If you are looking for home gym equipment for sale then you are at right place. We have all the equipment that you can easily use and maintain at your home. Our luxury collection of workout machines for sale are a good choice for your home. We have change the long tiring process into the most convenient one. You would have never thought that buying the gym products can ever be this much easy. We can understand the feelings of traveling around and searching from shop to shop and still not finding your desired products. Now it’s just a matter of few clicks. Mostly people search for used exercise equipment for sale by owner near me. We have solved your this problem as well. Go to our website, scroll down to the products, read specifications, and book your order. Now you can book your order in just three steps. BOHGYM is the best place to buy gym equipment for all the fitness freaks.

Buy used gym equipment and enjoy becoming the owner of the valuable gym equipment. We offer an amazing online service to our customers. You can have easy access to our website from wherever and whenever you want. Our professional staff has made us proud by ensuring safe and fast delivery to our clients.

Are you a gym trainer or fitness lover? You have found an amazing store which will increase your love for exercise. If you are looking for “gym equipment for sale near me” no need to travel more. You can order gym equipment just from few clicks. Hold yourself as you are about to experience hot selling gym equipment. By owning your own gym equipment you can now spend more time to your work out. We are the number one online store that offers incredible deals to its clients. We do have all the “used commercial gym equipment for sale near me” which you are looking for.

If you want a good healthy life and searching for “fitness equipment for sale near me”, you can never find the amazing quality which we have collected for you. It is difficult to manage time for gym, home and office. If you are too tired after your office work and don’t have energy to go for gym, we are here with an amazing solution. Why to go out and look for a gym, if you can have that in your own home? Why to look for “used commercial gym equipment for sale near me” if you can order from us online. In addition, you can compare our prices with other stores. We are definitely selling our products cheaper in price. By having your own gym equipment you can not only save time but can also save money. Instead of buying a gym membership card again and again and spending a large amount of money on just membership cards, buy gym equipment once and enjoy your time in safe and comfortable environment. “exercise equipment for sale near me” only BOHGYM can resolve your problem. Believe us, you will save thousands of dollars when you will build gym at your If you are bored because of same daily routine, change it and have some excitement in your life.

Research has proved that if you are low, sad or dull. Exercise equipment for sale that will ultimately make a guy more attractive. Exercise can lift your mood up. Our cheap gym equipment will help you, enhance your overall body structure and increase the strength. Train smarter with our cheap home gym equipment. Our versatile range of cheap gym equipment for sale will help you to become the best version of yourself.

Having a gym at your home can also make a whole family, happy and healthier. It’s still not too late, get rid of the boring routine and enjoy a good family time with good mood.

Do you want to start your own gym? Don’t think more, start working on it. Want to start your own gym? We have great news for you, now you can buy all the used commercial gym equipment from our store. You must order from us, as we have large variety for the owners of gym. It will not take too much time, just follow the simple steps and become the owner of the gym equipment. It boosts up your profit, fitness lovers will definitely want to join your gym if you will order all the trendy gym machines. Used commercial fitness equipment are the good options for the start-ups. Our gym equipment are reliable to use. Our team really work hard in order to maintain their quality by daily cleaning all the equipment as well as inspecting their parts. Our all the equipment are latest and easy to use, so you won’t be in need of hiring staff, only one or two staff members are enough. It will also save extra money from you. Our professionals have designed special package in which you can find all used commercial gym equipment for sale

Tired of waiting for your turn at gym and searching for treadmills for sale near me? BOHGYM have the latest variety, even your gym store would not be able to provide you that much latest products. But we have all you want. We bring stylish and comfortable exercise machines for you. If you don’t have too much space but still want to own machine then it’s a go for option for you. Treadmill for sale is extra durable and strong, diverse speed choices are motorized to assist you with keeping up your fitness level. Our advanced used treadmills for sale will give the long-lasting effect to your health. Our dynamic cheap treadmills for sale will help you to acquire your desired level of fitness. Find the best used treadmills for sale near me with advanced functions that are fit to home exercise users. You can simply explore our website. We have a special designed menu for exercise bike lovers. It will not take too much space and are affordable in reasonable prices. Here you can find bike forma, excite bike, groum cycleTM ride, my cyclingtm , recline formula and many more. All of them, are our latest products and gives you the feel of real bike riding on the road. We also have cross trainers that will make your experience to the whole next level. Stair stepper for sale will help you to have killer workout to make you look and feel like a man.

For a hale and hearty life we have a jaw dropping range fitness equipment for sale. We also have used exercise equipment for sale by owner, as number of gym owners some time upgrade their equipment, so we directly buy from them and give you the opportunity to buy from us. You can now choose any of your favourite treadmill and enjoy running at your home. Our exercise machines for sale will definitely help you to build new muscles and get rid of belly fat to reveal a lean. Our store offers MYRUN, JOGFORMA, SKILLMILLTM CONNECT and all the latest variety of treadmill. Now you can enjoy a big saving through our discounted treadmill list. We sell at guaranteed low prices. You can compare our prices with any other local shop or online store.  No one can ever compete us in the variety we possess and the prices we offer. Hurry up and buy gym equipment by the top manufactures of fitness industry, at the most affordable prices. Our store has made the best online deals, if you will avail them, you would feel lucky enough to enjoy the best products in that much low prices.

If you are looking for elliptical machines to make your work out more effective. You are at right place, we are offering number of elliptical machines for sale you can select from our latest new models. With an elliptical machine for sale you can get upper and lower body work out. We also have used elliptical machines. As our prices are always pocket friendly for our consumers, our used elliptical machines are just like new ones, we are selling them in affordable prices. If you are facing health issues and worried because of overweight, owning elliptical machine will solve your problem as it is effectively used to burn calories, body fats and helps to improve body balance. If you are in a tight budget we also offer used elliptical machine for sale at affordable prices yet fully maintained. The used precor elliptical machines for sale will give you a well-rounded workout and help you reach your fitness goals. We have all the famous elliptical trainers for sale in our store. As Rear drive elliptical is very oldest model but its demand is still very high, because it is proved to be very effective. So we do have reserved some models of Rear drive elliptical, they are ready to go to your home. If you want to order the latest elliptical machines you can select from front drive elliptical and center drive elliptical, standard elliptical trainers, elliptical gliders and many more. Elliptical trainer for sale are expertly engineered with solid construction to withstand repetitive use.

If you are looking for elliptical machine for sale near me either to have it in your gym or your own living room, then head on to BOHGYM. Shop used elliptical machine for sale near me and get yourself into fitness game.

We have cheap stair stepper for sale, our beautiful designed stair stepper are the show stealer, and you won’t be able to resist yourself buying one for you. We have many innovative designs that are so comfortable to use that you will forget everything. Owning a beautiful flawless body is not just a dream. BOHGYM has change it into the reality. Don’t wait anymore, upgrade your equipment with this stair stepper. It is considered as all in one machine, providing you an amazing cardio workout plus help you to remain stable. You can change the speed according to your choice. Just give it a go, you will fall in love with its extra ordinary features and technology. It can be utilized for explosive training and to reinforce your muscles and do physio work out. They are appropriate for home, gym as well as training studios. Building muscles is not a simple task for that you need to do muscles building exercises using the best different equipment. We do offer women friendly workout machines that can help all women out there to get into perfect shape. Like waterrover is good for full body work out even for the women who suffer postural issues.

The first thing you need to do is to decide what kind of fitness activities you are interested in. as there are a lot of choices you can make, like outdoor activities, running, jogging, cycling. If you prefer gym than there are a lot of cardio vascular fitness equipment, like cross trainers and rowing machine which you can enjoy. After buying from our used exercise equipment for sale you can enjoy social and romantic benefits. So, buy gym equipment online and get it delivered right at your desired destination. That will last with you for years to come.


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