Corporate Wellness Programmes


We may sit and watch this all happen, or we can do something about it. Bringing awareness of unhealthy habits and associated risks into your organisation is the start of the journey: behaviour change is the destination. Effective wellness corporate programmes may literally save huge cumulative costs, increase productivity and help attract new talents. And we know how to make it work.

100 m2 / 1076 sq. ft. or more

When space is not an issue, our corporate wellness programmes can transform your environments into a professional gym. Our equipment redefines the training experience: under the beauty of its frameless geometry, the beating heart of the Artis line impeccable biomechanics make it the safest and most effective answer to your corporate wellness needs. Its tablet-like interface makes it easy for employees to find their programme and keep addicted to it, be it cardio or strength training. What’s more, seamless connection with the mywellness platform make it easy to track results.

50 m2 / 538 sq. ft.

Medium-size rooms can also be fitted perfectly to the needs of a robust corporate wellness programme. The energy of sports can be harnessed to the profit of your workforce: that’s what makes the Skill line a perfect choice. Power, agility, speed and stamina: the four pillars of performance team up to increase physical capacities, boosting cardiovascular health and energy at work. Organising challenges among employees is the perfect antidote to lack of commitment and motivation.

20 m2 / 215 sq. ft.

Tight on space? No worries, we have a solution for that as well. It all starts with the Unity Self kiosk: its touchscreen interface delivers tailored workouts for each user: no trainer needed. Whatever employees are looking for, whether if it’s more flexibility, strength or weight loss, we can deliver even in a rather small room. Cardio equipment from the Excite line provides excellent workouts, while Plurima stations are just what it takes to improve strength in the tiniest of footprints.


One of the largest new developments in South Africa, this centre is a recreation, education and top training facility. The Corporate club features the latest cardio and strength equipment from Technogym, catering to all fitness and health needs for awesome corporate wellness programmes.
Members of all ages track all activity performed at the gym via digital consoles built in to the equipment or via the App, powered by MyWellness, from a smartphone when outdoors. Through the App, trainers track employees’ progress, create personalized wellness programmes and stay in touch if they’re travelling abroad.



We can help you create an attractive and enjoyable Wellness area with whatever space you have available.


Our aim is to provide targeted education to exercise professionals via a wide range of specially developed programmes designed to engage users and deliver the best possible Wellness experience.


Our marketing resources help promote your facility and services to customers in a more interesting and engaging way.


Wherever your business is located, we can support your investment with safe, fast and tailored financing solutions thanks to an international network of banking and insurance institutions.


Equipment ranging from professional products through to beautifully designed functional tools, all suited to a variety of Wellness areas, from gym to spa and even a business lounge.


When you buy products, you also receive the best after sales service – to increase and protect the lifespan and value of your investment.